(Fashion Designer from Miami)

Mariana Abbott is passionate about fashion and is a digital influencer on all trends in the fashion world. Her style and incredible combinations surprise her audience, but it could not be different: as she lives in Miami, Mariana is always closer to the trends and deliver the best tips. In addition, Mariana also created her virtual store: and it is in this new Mariana business that JKR operates.


Mariana's followers did not just want to see her trend tips and interact on her social networks, they were also keen to consume the featured products and have the opportunity to also dress in a lot more style. That is why this virtual store was created and it is in the Digital Marketing work that JKR operates, causing more and more people to have the opportunity to consume the products of the store.


A strategy focused on segmentation, concept and special campaigns was created. The main tools used for the campaigns were Facebook ads, Instagram, Google Display Network and Google AdWords, and a number of AB tests. A conversion pixel application was made to evaluate performance and understand which campaigns were running better results. The monthly ad performance reports that are presented to the client are key to driving the next actions as they show the results and inspire us to build new campaigns.


In order to identify the right audience, the material is prepared to validate the potential consumers of this brand. Their values, desires, fears and dreams were signaled, as well as understanding what this brand impacts on their lives.


The goal in this strategy is to deliver the best content to the right audience and strengthen the brand through relationship and engagement. There is the creation of groups of posts and timelines that consolidate the flow of messages and bring the points of contact between the brand and its public.


In this case we used digital campaigns that have as objective the consolidation of the brand in the head and in the heart of its public. Through creativity and technical knowledge, we developed some campaigns that have an intense participation of the followers, increasing the perception of the brand, making it more known, recognized and admired.


MaryHabbott website experienced a great increase in the volume of accesses, the search for news and the relationship between the public and the brand. All this is renewing the strategies of this project and motivating our client to further develop the service and delivery structure of her e-commerce, which has unique pieces and gives her audience unique opportunities to dress well every time.


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