A great new brand

FIEVER is one of the newest brands of Grupo Arezzo, one of the largest shoe manufacturers in the world.


Creation of a Strategic Map within our methodology, which completes several areas of brand communication, action plans, goals, results analysis and indicators.


FIEVER is a brand under construction that believes that the collective will always be better than the individual. Construction comes through experimentation and collaboration, evolving daily, absorbing and changing ideas.


Both conceptually and in practice FIEVER is a brand out of the box. With transparent coats, going through hairy sliders to holographic sneakers. They look for urban and current references. Having deconstruction as its guide.


It is in the social networks that FIEVER's public is concentrated and that is where the brand builds a good relationship with its consumers.


FIEVER strongly embraces the moment of digital influencers. These are the ones that make the concept more real and bring the whole manifesto together through social networks.


FIEVER seeks to represent diversity and to break down stereotypes and prejudices. The brand is open to conversation and discussion to always include itself as part of society and what makes us evolve. Diversity allows it to be modern and up-to-date.


Art is part of history and the brand believes in it. The colors and customizations are the representation of a movement and the expression of thoughts. FIEVER's actions are accompanied by artists of all kinds and has always used this to work on it's relationship and concept.


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